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The Keoladeo National Park was earlier known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It is situated in the Bharatpur region in Rajasthan. This avifauna sanctuary is famous of a true natural paradise hosting thousands of birds’ species.

The winter season is one of the most prime times when you can witness nearly 3450 different types of birds in the park. Naturally it becomes one of the most thriving tourist spots of the region during the winters. Back in 1971 the park was declared as a World Heritage Site.

This is a man made and managed wetland which also provides effective protection to the region of Bharatpur from rapid and incessant floods. No wonder this sanctuary has been recognized as one of the leading tourist attractions of the region.

Apart from general visitors and tourists the place is also visited by innumerable ornithologists or scientists studying the behavioral pattern of birds.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park Built By

The sanctuary has a Lord Shiva Temple within its boundaries. This is exactly what that has given the sanctuary is name – Keoladeo (a name of Lord Shiva). The region happened to be a natural depression that got flooded soon after the Ajan Bund construction u the contemporary ruling authority – Maharaja Suraj Mal. At that time he was the ruler of Bharatpur (1726 – 1763). The bund or the containing dam sort of a construction was created at the meeting point of River Banganga and river Gambhir.

Initially this park was a sport hunting place for the Mahrajas of Bharatpur. The tradition can be traced back to 1850. During this time sporting hunting arrangement were made between the ruling Mahrajas and the Viceroys of India. As many as 4000 birds were killed in a single hunting party.

The Keoladeo National Park was established in 1982 on 10th march. The area got designated as a bird sanctuary in 1976 on 13th March. Although the Maharajas retained the shooting rights till 1972 the last shooting party was arranged in 1964.

In the year 1985 the park was declared as a World Heritage Site under the authority and leadership of the World Heritage Convention. Currently the reserve forest under the 1953 Rajasthan Forest Act is declared as a property of the Indian Union, the Rajasthan State.

Keoladeo National Park Timing 

Being a bird sanctuary the place is obviously open from sunrise to sunset. The place is particularly acclaimed for being one of the best places to spot a wide variety of birds. Naturally the daylight hours are the best timing when you can see the entire place and can observe birds of different types.

During the summers the park is open from morning six to even six. In the winters the park is open from six thirty in the morning to five o clock in the evening. However the sanctuary is closed during the months of May and June. The park can be visited any day of the week.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park Information

This reserve forest is spread across an area of 29 square km. locally the place is also known as Ghana. It consists of a wide variety of land patches. There are woodland, dry grasslands, wetlands and swamps. As a result of such a huge variety of land types you can also find different species of fishes, birds, snakes, lizards, turtle, flowers, etc. In a word the flora and fauna of the place is so very mesmerizing that going through all of them will require quite some time. Hence, if you wish to explore the reserve in all its details, plan to stay there for a minimum of five nights. The reserve becomes a paradise for migratory birds in the winters. This is the most favorable breeding time for the species. This sanctuary is renowned as one of the havens for both the residential birds and also the migratory ones looking for nesting opportunities.

Keoladeo National Park Location

Bharatpur can be easily reached through a wide and well laid out network of flights, railway and road connectivity. The nearest airports from Bharatpur are those of Agra, New Delhi and Raipur. Bharatpur is yet again well connected with other cities of the nation through a well distributed railway network. The Bharatpur railway station is the nearest railway station from the sanctuary. Bharatpur is also connected with the major cities of North India through the NH 11. The Bharatpur junction is about 5km away from the sanctuary.

The opening of the article clearly mentions that this sanctuary is one of the leading tourist attractions of the place. Hence locating the sanctuary is no problem at all. All that you must do is informing at the hotel that you wish to see this sanctuary. Any public transport like rickshaw or cabs can take you over there.

Entrance Fee:

Indian tourist needs to pay an entry fee of Rs. 75 and the foreigners must pay Rs. 500. Any kind of private automobile is not allowed within the park. They must be left at the parking area outside the sanctuary. You can either walk the entire reserve or hire a bicycle to take a rickshaw. The rickshaw will cost you Rs.100 per hour. For large groups battery operated vehicles are available at the park.

Important Structures inside keoladeo ghana:

Being a bird sanctuary, observing different types of residential and migratory birds is the main attraction of the place. This is a paradise for nature lovers. Apart from birds you can also see a host of other stunning creatures like color fishes, exquisite amphibians, vibrant flowers and so much more. However it is a really big place. Completing the entire area can be a tough task. It will take no less than two hours. If you have a problem in walking for so long then hiring a rickshaw is a best idea. However if you are a lover of jungle treks then there finding a suitable alternative will be next to impossible. It will be beneficial to carry your own bottle of water and munchies to remain hydrated in the tour.

Best time to visit keoladeo:

The months between October and March happens to be the most favorable time to visit the park. These are the autumn, winter and spring seasons when you can see a vast variety of residential ad migratory birds. These few months are the peak tourist season when visitors from various parts of the nation and also the world come to see different aerial species.

Keoladeo National Park UNESCO History

A quick look at the history of the place will reveal the rich flora and fauna of the place and the lavish hunting extravagance which was a common indulgence for the royalty and British Elite in India in the 19th century. However the vegetation of the sanctuary is much opposite to the natural vegetation condition of the region. Being a part of Rajasthan the area has rather sparse vegetation. This sanctuary happens to be a pleasant deviation from this regional trend. It has quite a thick forest that happens to be a safe haven for innumerable animal and bird species.  Some of the common bird species you can find here are herons, cormorants, storks, ducks, shoveled, gadwall, cotton teal, common teal, tufted duck, Indian Shag, painted stork, ruff, darter, white spoonbill, common sandpiper, green sandpiper, wood sandpiper, Siberian crane.

Attractions nearby ghana national park

Keoladeo National Park being situated in Rajasthan enjoys a prime location from where places like Agra, Jaipur and Delhi is much close. These places are often considered to be some of the most popular tourist attractions of the nation.

Once you are in this region you will be spoilt for choices in terms of places that you can visit. The Taj Mahal, the Laal Qila or Agra Fort, the various historical Rajput forts in Jaipur, the tourist attractions in Delhi, are some mere places you must visit when in Keoladeo National park.

All these places are rather nearby from Bharatpur and can be reached within a few hours. You can travel by flights or train. Better still you can hire a private cab or taxi and can travel the distance through road. The highway networks are much developed and quite safe.

The tourists can get completely guided tours when in these tourist places. When you will visit historical places like forts, mosques and mausoleums it is advisable that you hire a proper guide to know the history of the place better. 

Special attraction in keoladeo ghana

Although Keoladeo National Park is reputed as a bird’s sanctuary, yet the park or the reserve forest is also home to a handsome population of tigers. You can also plan for a tiger spotting while in the forest reserve. However this is a different and difficult trek in its own right. This is why if you have plans of tiger spotting mentions it to the authorities. The guides might have to take a different trail to see tigers while on the trek. This might take some time and hence you should be ready for a patient drive through the park. These are often done on battery vehicles.

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